China’s Techno-Nationalism: A New Path Towards Authoritarian Resilience? (2021)
SAIS China Studies Review, vol.7

Cheap Talk: China’s Central Bank Still Struggles to Speak to Markets (2021)
CSIS policy brief, co-authored with Dr. Scott Kennedy

Can China’s “Stall Economy” Save Its Stalled Economy? (2020)
CSIS blog post, co-authored with Shining Tan

American Business Confidence in Hong Kong Sinks (2020)
CSIS blog post, co-authored with Shining Tan

Other Research Papers

Oil and Dollar (05/2020)
Advisor: Prof. Jaime Marquez

How Imperialism Unfolds: Dynamics in the Making of Modern Empires (2020)
Advisor: Prof. Andrew Cheon

Digital Financial Inclusion in China: Implications for Chinese Rural Development (2020)
Advisor: Prof. Shahid Yusuf

Digital Financial Inclusion in India: The Case of Digital Payment (2020)
Advisor: Prof. Pravin Krishna

Cultural Value, Corruption, and Economic Development (2019)
Advisor: Prof. Filipe Campante

Workplace Democracy in Present-Day Chinese Enterprises (2018)
Advisor: Prof. Joel Andreas

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